Ron Ownbey


Artist Statement

The ideas for my work are very personal reflections and interpretations of my fantasies, emotions, feelings, and reactions, all stemming from my inner being in response to my relationships, my family, and the history and state of the world and the moment in time in which I exist. The serenity, chaos, complexity and vastness of the universe and our world and the variety of life forms that nature and God have created feed into my mind. 

My work is very organic, often plant like, of faces and the inner and outer appearance of the human body and animals, and the microscopic close-up of other living organisms. My work has a strong symbolic and surrealistic tone, monochromatic at times but usually with strong shapes, color and value contrasts. I mostly draw and paint, using pencil, ink, watercolor and oil in addition to doing mixed media and digital painting projects.

The ideas formulated in my mind are filtered through my heart after much contemplation and travel through my hand onto the paper or canvas. The process is mysterious, frightening, exciting and introspective all at the same time during the struggle and the moment of creation. 

The final birth of the work is but a small morsel of the inner spirit and the process that allows that to happen is the most important part of the experience.

Ron Ownbey, May 2017